Best Afro Braids Hairstyles

Afro braids are hot, sweet and sexy, making them common among many celebrities.They are an easy and pleasant way to avoid hair styling for some months, which gives your hair a break.Braiding protects your hair from harsh environmental conditions and allows you to do creative hair styles.Gifted with high black hair that can hold braids well, African women love to be in braids.Many braiding techniques make up every single head, forming an attractive lady.
Below are the best afro braiding hairstyles
1. Dirty blonde single braids
If you love to be daring, just introduce a bit of color to your hairstyle, with a blend of dirty blonde and black being the hottest.Add some specs to make you look beautiful and stand out more.
2. Black braided long twists

Janet Jackson feels that long twist braids bring a certain ‘Poetic Justic,’ which occurs to many women who rock them well.For a funny, beautiful look, add in some natural nude lipstick color and some killer eyes.


3. Long Goddess twist braids

If you want to look like an African princess or goddess, try out this braiding style.When it comes to pulling this look off, the longer, the better.For a bit of flare, do not be afraid to throw some golden jewels on top.
4. Long two toned twists
Do you wish to have an extended look with some cool accents?If yes, then add length to a two-toned look and the job will be done.Placing a maroon color underneath your black hair creates a dynamic look.Just add a lovely smile and you are ready to go.
5. Black tank top and braids
Black tank top twists are sassy and sweet.This style is the best for weekend outings.However, be prepared to be the talk among friends, as your hair keep them gossiping around due to its uniqueness.
6. Rope twists braids

Long braided rope twists are the best for any teenage girl.Your daughter will have a great side view if she chooses to do the hair.The style is simple and is easily maintained, making it ideal for teenagers.
7. Short Bob box braids
Short box braids are cute to try and am sure you will love them due to their minimal maintenance.This style is the best for women who want braids but do not want them hanging back their neck or shoulders.They are straightforward and light.
8. Havana twists cornrow braids
Havana twists look amazing when coupled with side cornrows on black hair.Placing your braids to one side of your head brings some sex apparel.These braids are super cute and allow showcasing of the baby hair.
9. Bold Triangle Parted Box Braids
Braided hairstyles are most common among modern women, especially traditional box braids.The easiest way to make a standard style is by changing the size of the braids and experimenting with parting. Large braids will look classic with the 90’s revival and street wear fashion trends that are very popular at the moment.
10.Braided Bun
For some time, long braided updos have been for the elderly.However, fashion has changed, and everything old is new again.Younger women are now embracing the style with flair.Braided burns are currently one of the best afro twisted hair styles.
11. Purple Highlights in Black Braids
Weaving in a few pieces of hair for a pop color gives you cute braids with a highlighted effect.Adding hair outside the extra length of thickness also gives the ability to experiment with color.
12. Jumbo Coil with Braids

To obtain the best Jumbo coil, use the pattern of your plaits as the basis for design.A bold loop stands out more because of the chevron look created by the big braids.Despite it being simple, the hair does look good in any setting.
13. Centre-Parted Crown with Fishtail
Currently known as Boxer braids, this hairstyle has been popular for quite some time.Despite being one of the most popular and shared hairstyles, the addition of a fishtail braid and a platinum blonde at the end makes it look a step above the rest.
14. Criss cross Goddess braids
Criss cross goddess braids are the best when you want to give your hair a break, or when going for a beach vacation where you may not want to style your strands every morning.The best thing about these braids is that they take less time to do and are easy to take out.

Researchers believe that braids were still in fashion 2,000 years before Christ.For them to survive until now, there must be something special and unique to them.Braids are fashionable and classic, no wonder the quickest way to rack up likes on Facebook or Instagram is to upload a pic of you busting some braids.Try out one of the high braiding styles above and you will be amazed to learn how much you can do with your hair.